Our Expertise

We offer the following quality services:

  • Shipbuilding

    Over the last decades, we have successfully built high quality and sturdy tugboats and barges for all our clients from various parts of the world. The vessels we built are usually long-lasting, proving our clients with a peace of mind and maximize their return on investments. We employed experienced welders, professional engineers, QC personnels to ensure vessels are constructed to proper international classification standards. We are capable of builing various kinds of tugs and barges from flat-top dumb barges of varying kinds/ sizes, CPO barges, Oil barges, landing crafts, etc. Get in touch with us now.

  • Ship repair

    Ship repair is another key service that we offer. Our team of repair personnel is experienced enough to repair various kinds of vessels. We also have connections with the best local suppliers for spare parts and machineries. Vessels that we can repair include dumb barges, tugs, landing crafts, CPO barges, oil barges and many more. Contact us now for a quotation should you have any vessels that you wish to repair.

  • Sale and purchase of vessels

    We have been in the industry for over 20 years. We have since established reliable business relationships with shipbuilders and buyers from around the globe. We buy and sell vessels to customers from different parts of world. View our available vessels here.

  • New tugs and barges for sale

    From time to time, we build new barges and offer new tugs for sale. These brand tugs and barges are ready for immediate sale: