Vessel repairs and manufacturing are all located at our shipyard. The strategic location of our shipyard makes it easy for our clients to ensure that all their orders are well taken care of. Our company allows the docking of your chartered ships and repairing of your vessels. With our shipyard easily accessible to customers, all transactions and services can be monitored by our valued clients.

Lian Yi Shipbuilding & Construction’s shipyard consists of over a thousand well-trained and skilled workers that promise fast service and quality finished products. Our shipyard facilities are also in great condition and are complete in equipment. We have all the necessary tools to execute your requests and transactions such as our advanced heavy machinery, cranes, generators, engines, compressors and state of the art equipment. We also have excellent warehouses to store your cargoes, goods and other orders. All of our facilities are well-maintained by our hardworking management team and constantly improved by our skilled engineers.

The size and space of the shipyard is also enough to dock about 8 to 10 vessels at a time depending on vessel size. We can assure you that all vessels and cargos that you have entrusted to us are handled carefully and professionally. Our shipyard is built with class and can accommodate all the services we offer our customers.

Lian Yi Shipbuilding & Construction’s devotion to safety is an integral part of our business that we prioritize. Our commitment to world-class excellence is what we consider as our foundation in achieving a business that dedicates their services sincerely to their client.